Publish Your Book. Leverage Your Authority

Built on a foundation of unwavering hands-on support, my strategic book positioning and marketing services will grow your business and propel your success.


  • A proven roadmap for success
  • One-on-one consultations to guide you through the process
  • Templates, checklists and resources to keep you moving forward
  • Guaranteed book launch success
  • Amazon bestseller author designation
  • Authority positioning insights and guidance

Whether you already have a thriving business or want to jumpstart your success, by strategically publishing your book, you are building a foundation to grow your audience, spread your message and position yourself as an authority in your respective field.

The Results?

You will create increased brand awareness, attract high-end clients, get more speaking engagements, garner free publicity and drive more leads to grow your business.

“Your book isn’t a flash in the pan.  It’s a powerful tool that will support your business for years to come.”

Diana M. Needham

“…there are thousands of people waiting to hear your message and they can only hear it from you.” 

Jeff Herring

Content Marketing Strategist

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