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In 2008 I left the corporate world and founded Business Book Partners, LLC to help me fulfill my own dream. My business card may read ‘Professional Book Marketing Consultant’ but people in my community, people who work with me, know me as ‘The Book Shepherd.’

My primary focus is to help first-time self-published authors become Amazon bestselling authorities in their field. This is truly a fulfilling role and mission for me. Shepherding my clients’ books, guiding them in their growth is at the core of my existence. This life (it’s so much more than work) enables me to go home in the evening feeling like I’ve achieved something – that what I do is important.

Launching Your Own Bestseller


As a self-published author of two bestsellers, business book mentor to hundreds of authors (nearly 120 of whom now are Amazon best-selling authors), creator of the Business Book Accelerator program, and professional speaker, I am excited to shepherd you through the creation, publishing, and launch of your own best-selling book.

Creating a book that truly matters and serves as a key strategic marketing asset can be an overwhelming process. It’s my job to make it less so. Leveraging my project management skills from my 26-year career in the corporate banking world and over 15 years experience as a marketing strategist, publishing expert, and business mentor, I guide my clients just as a shepherd guides his flock; using a proven approach with unwavering, nurturing hands-on support.

My Story ~ Life Equipped Me To Help You

Small Child

I was a little girl from nowhere that felt like nothing. I grew up fast, in an alcoholic family in a little town in the Midwest. At 8 years old, I was the adult in my world. I learned to take charge, rather than simply drift through life allowing things to just “happen” to me.

The first time I felt worthy was when my 5th grade teacher, Mrs Lloyd, wrote across my grade card “Excellent Work!” She had no idea that I was running my family’s household.  How did I do it? Focus and Simplicity.

Many years later I realized that my young life had given me skills; I had mastered the complex arts of managing chaos, problem-solving, and strategic planning. My best and most rewarding work in the corporate world was mentoring my staff and project teams.

This is, of course, where being a book shepherd and guiding you to success comes in.

Bring Meaning To Your Life

If your work (or mine) doesn’t enrich the lives of others, what good is it? That’s why I transferred my planning, communication, and implementation skills from banking to books.  My work energizes me; I gain value from each of my clients, and my intention is to give much more value in return.

Because what I’ve been doing all day energizes me and provides a deep sense of purpose and achievement, I make the time to be outdoors in nature, practice yoga, work on my own personal and professional development, and spend time with family and entrepreneurial friends and connections both virtually and in person.

Feeling this way allows me to appreciate all the more my family, friends, colleagues, and two adult children and their families.

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