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I’ve been honored to work with hundreds of successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts over the years, and I know the fastest way to get real results. With the right guidance, positioning yourself, your brand, your business, and your book isn’t rocket science. In fact it can be simpler than you imagine.

Author Reviews For Diana

Don’t just take my word for it! Below you’ll find success stories and reviews from clients who, with my support and guidance, have become Amazon best-selling authors and catapulted their businesses forward. Interested in joining them on the best-seller list? Contact me to learn how.

“Having gone through the process of self-publishing for my first book, I knew right away I wanted to uplevel and do it right the second time. Working with Diana Needham made my second launch a completely different experience. The process was spot on, landing me in the #1 best selling spot in two categories. Don’t waste your hard work in writing your book by just throwing it up on Amazon. Give it the status and attention it deserves by hiring Diana to help you make it successful.

Attention Writers! If you want to spend hours writing a book, put it up on Amazon and sell 50 copies to your friends and family, do it solo. If you want to get serious, reach Best selling author status and leverage your book to market your business, hire Diana M. Needham.”

Marcey Rader


“Diana is a miracle worker.

Even though I had published five books in the past, Diana’s guidance with my sixth book showed me the value of having a book consultant that thinks strategically about positioning, results, and marketing.

Always patient, creative and knowledgeable, Diana’s expert skills proved invaluable. No one should publish a book without her support.”

Sharon Anita Hill

Author of LEADING FROM THE LECTERN, speaker, MBA, Toastmasters International award winner, etiquette expert and trainer at Sharon Hill International

“My co-author and I hired Diana based on the high recommendation of a colleague, who said that Diana was the person to work with to help leverage our authority as authors. She was right!

Our experience with Diana has been outstanding. She approached this project with laser precision and guided us every step of the way, going above and beyond to ensure that we were positioning ourselves in the best possible way for a stellar book launch.

She cared about our book as if it were her own. And here we sit, two weeks out from our launch, as “best selling authors” in three categories on Amazon.”

Jill Grunewald

Integrative Nutrition and Hormone Coach and best selling author of THE ESSENTIAL THYROID COOK BOOK

“I was skeptical about whether my first book (which had been on Amazon for 6 months) could be leveraged to position me as a best selling author. Diana assured me it was not too late! We hit that designation within a year of the book being birthed. All I needed was the guidance and mentoring of a great consultant.

I paid attention to Diana Needham’s coaching and went on to take my second book, “Can You See Them Now? (Elephants in our Midst)” to Amazon best-seller status too. After that, I was able to successfully move my husband’s two books, “Partnering for Safety and Business Excellence” and “The Leadership Dance” to Amazon best-seller status. I would be remiss if I did not share that “The Leadership Dance” was already 11 years old…and that became an Amazon #1 best-selling book for its business category. Yes, it can be done!”

Claire Knowles

Partner and consultant at RN Knowles and Associates, renowned motivational speaker, 2-time best selling author

“It has been such a joy to work with Diana on my book launch.  From our first conversation I knew that Diana was as committed to my success as I was.  She is professional, prompt, and has a true heart for serving others.  I am very pleased with the services that she provided for my book launch and our resulting best seller status is a testament to her expert knowledge in this area.  Thank you so much for believing in my dream with me, Diana!

Thanks to her counsel we were able to hit our best seller status by 7:00 AM on launch day!”

Lydia Elle

Best selling Author of AND SO I PRAYED

“​I know a lot of people who work with authors on marketing their books. In fact, I can name at least five who I considered to help me launch my book.

Wow, am I grateful I chose Diana for one simple reason—she didn’t just lay out the plan, tell me what to do, and run. She was with me every step of the way with authentic and genuine concern for how the book would help shape and change my business and future.

Once we secured our best-seller status, she continued to guide me and mentor me when others would have been done and gone. She was completely dedicated to helping me succeed and repeatedly brought me new ideas to consider. She has become a true friend.”

Scott Wilhite

Best selling author of The 7 CORE SKILLS OF EVERYDAY HAPPINESS, Award-winning filmmaker

“Thank you for making my dream of becoming a bestselling author a reality and for helping leverage that status to create additional momentum and visibility beyond my wildest expectations.

I had no idea how many details were involved in a book launch or how much positive impact best-seller status could have so immediately.

I sincerely appreciate your relentless pursuit of seizing every opportunity to maximize the launch, attention to the finest details, broad-scope of knowledge, and commitment. Your take-charge approach allowed me to focus on my strengths. We made a great team and I look forward to many other collaborations.

In an industry where promises are easily made and often not kept, you are a shining star.”

Nancy Paul

Merit Scholarship Strategist at Three Wishes Scholarships and bestselling author of the LITTLE BOOK ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS

“In November our team created a book called 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income to create a major “buzz” for our local business event.

Of course we wanted our book to be a “best seller”. I guess I felt “If we write it, they will come.” Silly me! It turns out that there were over 50 distinct steps that all needed to be executed in a specific order to get our book launched. Who knew?

Thankfully, our colleague and partner, Diana M. Needham has developed a book launch system that works. She got us clear on our objective, gave us our action items every week, managed every step, and got us to “best seller” status on Amazon (both print and Kindle versions) on the date we set. Without Diana’s consulting and tenacity, we would have spent a lot of time and effort and had a great book that nobody read and we would not have reached our business goal. What a difference working with a pro makes!”

Earl Hadden

International business consultant, principal at Money Mountain Systems LLC, and best-selling author of 17 LEGAL WAYS TO DOUBLE YOUR INCOME

“Thank you so much Diana Needham; being at the top of your game certainly blessed my book marketing! Your marketing expertise, exceptional organizational skills, and your sincere desire to make me and my book shine made the process fun and easier for me.  

Your over-the-top support continually amazed me. You were helping me market my book at the same time I was rebranding and creating a new website; phew! You stayed on top of things even when I felt buried, and you sent emails and short videos to clarify your guidance. I can’t thank you enough for your expert support and for creating all the steps to launch my book!”

Suzette Faith Foster

Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach & Healing Facilitator

“Diana’s steadiness, calmness, methodical approach allowed her to impart the same qualities to me as she fed the next task to me, step by step, in a way I didn’t get overwhelmed.

Bit by bit my project came to life.  I felt nurtured and at the same time I had a plan that I could follow and track together with Diana’s guidance.  She was available to answer my questions and give me support when the going got rough.“  

Dawn Delvecchio


“What I found most valuable is that Diana offers a very systematic, step-by-step program to ensure success with my book. She is also very resourceful in finding solutions and getting things done, going over and above the call of duty to meet our deadlines.

I am also impressed by her follow-up efforts to help me market my book. Strictly speaking, she had already fulfilled our contractual agreement, yet she went the extra mile by providing ideas and recommendations to continue the momentum.

Thanks Diana, for coming alongside me and serving as my partner to achieve the honor or best selling author!”

Moses Wong

Best selling author of FROM TRIAL TO TRIUMPH, Director of Journey with U, dedicated to empowering parents and strengthening families

“I started working with Diana in November, 2016. Diana and her team of experts are extremely knowledgeable about how to set up and implement a successful book launch. She provided me with great options for my cover design and helped me create a timeline for launching both my Kindle and print book.

Diana is very prompt in answering questions, offering solutions, and providing direction. I highly recommend Diana and her team to help you with a successful book campaign.”

Diane Morris


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