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Work with Diana ~ Professional Book Marketing Consultant

Who Do I Work With?

As a professional book marketing consultant, I work with unpublished non-fiction writers, entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders with a big message to share. I help them map out the fastest path for them to get in front of their ideal clients, expand visibility to their market and leverage their message to create more profits. I also work with corporate professionals who are looking to leverage their expertise and increase their visibility and credibility in their fields.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders, I know exactly how to get real results. There’s nothing complicated about rising to the top if you know the proven processes to use. With guidance from the right hands, leveraging your message as a tool for increasing profits and marketing your book is a whole lot simpler than most of us imagine.

Diana M Needham & Bill

You’ve Written a Great Book. Now What?

Today, more and more of us are telling our story, getting our message into print — only to be disappointed that the world isn’t paying attention. The reality is that without a proper plan to market and promote your book, only a few people will ever see it… and all your heartfelt efforts will have been in vain.

Want your book to affect more than 57 readers?

That’s the problem with the majority of self-published books. On average, without the right guidance, the self-published author sells about 57 copies, primarily to friends and family. What happens to the rest of your books? They just sit in boxes in the basement as a reminder of your failed aspirations. Does effecting 57 readers constitute getting your message out in a big way? Does that allow you to grow your business and really help all those you are called to serve? I don’t think so.

That’s the last thing I want to happen to you and your  book.

Custom Business Book Publishing and Launch Programs

Don’t be envious of the authors who are viewed as the authority to their markets, speak on larger stages, and attract VIP clients (who are willing to pay higher fees). Make it big… Work with me and join them. I specialize in:

  • Helping first-time self-published authors become Amazon bestselling authorities in their field and leverage their book as a strategic marketing asset for years to come.
  • Working closely with already-published authors to revive books that have basically gone nowhere, taking them to bestseller status and finding monetization options.

Every client is unique; they each require a distinct strategy to fit their situation and meet their goals. That’s why all my engagements are personalized, so you receive the most efficient, effective and relevant services.  Explore the programs and services offered HERE.

What Others Are Saying About Working with Me

“Thank you for making my dream of becoming a bestselling author a reality and for helping leverage that status to create additional momentum and visibility beyond my wildest expectations. I had no idea how many details were involved in a book launch or how much positive impact best-seller status could have so immediately. I sincerely appreciate your relentless pursuit of seizing every opportunity to maximize the launch, attention to the finest details, broad-scope of knowledge, and commitment. Your take-charge approach allowed me to focus on my strengths. We made a great team and I look forward to many other collaborations. In an industry where promises are easily made and often not kept, you are a shining star.”

Nancy Paul

Merit Scholarship Strategist at Three Wishes Scholarships and bestselling author of the Little Book about Scholarships.

“Diana’s steadiness, calmness, methodical approach allowed her to impart the same qualities to me as she fed the next task to me, step by step, in a way I didn’t get overwhelmed. Bit by bit my project came to life.  I felt nurtured and at the same time I had a plan that I could follow and track together with Diana’s guidance.  She was available to answer my questions and give me support when the going got rough.“  

Dawn Delvecchio

#1 best-selling author of “Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation About Service and Success for the Holistic Business Owner

Diana Needham

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